Mag Line, We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Electrical Panel Board designers, manufactures and suppliers of comprehensive range of panel boards. Our experts design and manufacture Magline manufactures,


Main Distribution Boards are of Modular Design, along with busbars up to 6300 A and a short circuit level of 100 KA per second. Designed in any Form (1-4), in single Front, Double Front, Multi tier designs.

Sub Distribution boxes

Designed as a wall mounting boxes metal type row boxes for Distribution Purposes, along with Protection instruments and indicators based on the functions requirement.

Metering Panels

Designed for energy measurement of Single/3 Phase lines for indoor/Outdoor installations. Metering Equipments such as Voltmeters, Ammeters, Digital Line Supervisors, kWh Meters, Frequency Meters are used depending on the functions required.

Changeover Panels

Designed for energy required for Main Supply and Generator Power changeover flexibility. Changeover panels are designed with Manual Changeover Switches, Breakers with Mechanical interlocks and Auto Changeover facilities using Contactors, Motorized Breakers (ATS) or Motorized Changeovers.

Motor Control Centers

Motor Control Centers consist of different motor starter methods such as Direct Online Starters, Star Delta Starters and using Auto Transformers, variable speed Drivers/ Variable Frequency Drives, Soft Starters etc. Furthermore, they contain various Controllers such as power monitoring/ controlling devices flow monitoring/ controlling devices.

Power Factor Correction Capacitor Banks

Power Factor Correction Capacitor Banks with harmonic filters are an integral part of the modern electrical power systems. Capacitor Bank designs are based on providing an optimal power factor correction to our customers and modular compact designs including an effective ventilation system.


  • Manufactured totally with EG, Electro Galvanized Steel sheets, zinc Aluminum sheets thickness 1.6-2.0mm and 90-100 um powder thickness gives the best protection against corrosion.
  • Replaceable, Door Gaskets.
  • Fast Removable Side Panels.
  • Interior slotted Cross Bar system for quick mounting of Switchgear, Electronic components & Data Communication19” Equipment. Galvanizes Steel 100mm Plinth includes cable entry glands.


“We never compromise on quality, reliability and progress” while manufacturing distribution panel boards.